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Services for Media Clients:

Major sports events mean – above all – one thing for employees of broadcasting
production companies: a lot of work!


That’s why they really appreciate their hotel being close to the venue, or their transfers
to and from venues / IBC to run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Media clients
are thankful for the immediate assistance of a local coordinator should any challenges
unexpectedly arise. On the other hand they don’t necessarily need or wish for someone
to be at their side at all times.


Footprints have, for many years, been very familiar with these requirements. Our services
for media clients are both diverse and comprehensive – on the other hand they can also
be made available very selectively. Our goal is to fulfill any wishes or needs, as stipulated
by the client, precisely, while sticking to the budget.


Our services at a glance: well-trained and quick adaptation to the requirements of our
clients. One-point-contact for all questions. 24 hour availability. On-site assistance if desired.
Solving of logistical problems. Reliable worldwide contacts. Flexibility when it comes to last
minute changes, such as change of dates, travel details. Research of hotels at or near the
venue. Personal knowledge of all hotels offered. Guaranteed reservations. Value-for-money
prices due to direct purchasing. Price negotiation with suppliers. Yearly inspection trips.