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Services for Incentive Clients:

Inspirational incentives have a long-term effect. Intense, shared experiences
build a strong bond between all those involved. They reinforce team spirit and they
show effectively why they are done – to show appreciation and create a rewarding
experience. To create a good incentive the organizers need to have good empathy
and intuition, as well as the will, ability and talent to envisage the specifications
and intentions of the host and to carry them out accordingly. Sometimes with short
notice, sometimes with a lot of foresight and other times so discretely that it almost
goes unnoticed. Whichever it is you can count on us.


Footprints has a long experience with planning and on-site program management.
Our offers range from “simple, but original” to “sophisticated and representative”.
You and your guests are able to enjoy the electrifying tension of a Champions League
Final Match, or the magic of the Opening Ceremonyof the Olympic Games or the
spectacular atmosphere of a Formula 1 race in Monza. If you like, we organize the
whole package including flights, hotel accommodation and transportation. We organize
city tours, select special sights, restaurants, clubs and make the reservations. We can
be at your disposal around the clock, or simply operating only in the background –
taking action only when you want us to.


Our services at a glance: fast, well-trained adaptation to the requirements of our
clients. One-point-contact for all questions. 24 hour availability. On-site assistance
if desired. Reliable worldwide contacts. Team fluent in 5 languages: German, English,
French, Spanish and Portuguese. Flexibility when it comes to last minute changes,
such as change of dates, travel details. Selection of hotels at the venue. Personal
knowledge of all hotels offered. Guaranteed reservations. Value-for-money prices
due to direct purchasing. Price negotiation with suppliers. Yearly inspection trips.